Haven Wellness

Haven Mental Wellness

A safe place where one may seek refuge

Here at Haven, we believe in promoting whole body wellness and the prevention of mental illness through holistic and integrative preventative alternative care.

One of our missions is to inspire and empower others on their healing journey. By creating a safe non-judgmental space, we encourage people to increase their own self-awareness by:


Identifying and healing no longer serving emotions and beliefs


Recognizing ones strengths


Encouraging accurate self perception


Increasing self confidence + self-efficacy


Individual Yoga Infused Therapy

Individual therapy is a collaborative healing process with you and the therapist.

Clinical Supervision

Supervision plays an essential role in self-care and professional development.

Holistic Healing

Energy Healing Session (Reiki) & full Shamanic session with journey,

Meet Gemini


Welcome to Haven. I am so excited that you have chosen this space to begin or to continue your healing journey. I am humbled to accompany you down this path and hope to help you “Grow through what you have gone through (or may be going through)”. I am a clinical social worker by trade and a whole body healer at heart.

Ready For Healing?